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Welcome at Bakery Academy

Are you seeking guidance for improving your product or bakery?

As a baker, do you frequently encounter issues with your products or production processes, such as waste or variations in product weight? Do you lack the fresh perspective due to chronic time constraints? Are you searching for an efficient and affordable solution to address these challenges?

At Bakery Academy, we are dedicated to supporting bakeries in achieving operational excellence through cutting-edge technology, innovative product development, and streamlined processes. Our consultancy services are tailored to elevate your bakery to new levels by enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing quality.

With our extensive experience in the bakery industry, we understand the complexity of bakery operations and the daily challenges you face. Our consultants have all worked in industrial bakery production, operating and improving lines ranging from 300 to 3000 kg/hr. They have also served as R&D or NPD bakery technologists, introducing products on existing or new production lines.

By combining practical bakery expertise with science and technology, we offer an academic approach that enables you to apply this knowledge in your bakery practice effectively.

That's why, at Bakery Academy, we provide an accessible way to access high-quality knowledge and services that can help you enhance your products and optimize your production processes

Bakery science & technology available and applicable for you. 

Always within easy reach, anytime, anywhere.Bakery science & technology available and applicable for you. 

Always within easy reach, anytime, anywhere.

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Bakery Academy, your Bakery Expert | It's all in the Baking

Our Services

  • Bakery Product Technology and Development: We provide expert guidance and support in developing new and exciting bakery products that meet market demands and strengthen your brand.
  • Process Optimization: Our consultants analyze your current production processes and identify opportunities for improvement, such as reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and enhancing overall product quality.
  • Technological Implementation: We specialize in facilitating the transition of bakery products from small-scale ovens to industrial-grade ones, integrating automation systems and advanced production controls.
  • Research and Development: Our team specializes in troubleshooting challenges within bakery product development by researching new technologies. We offer customized solutions designed to address specific issues within your bakery products.
  • Educational Programs: From starters to product technologists, we provide customized training programs and courses designed to equip your team with the essential skills and knowledge required in the bakery industry.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Our experienced consultants provide personalized guidance and mentoring to your team to enhance their capabilities and performance, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Transform Your Bakery Business  "Book Your Consultation Today!"

At Bakery Academy, we strive to be your partner in success, providing you with the expertise and support needed to thrive in the modern bakery industry. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.
Bakery Academy, your Bakery Expert | It's all in the Baking
Process improvement

As an entrepreneur you want to optimise the production process within your company as much as possible.

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Bakery Academy, your Bakery Expert | It's all in the Baking
Research & development

For when you don’t have the time, capacity or knowledge to innovate.

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Bakery Academy, your Bakery Expert | It's all in the Baking
Training & education

In our bakery training programs, we start with the basics of bakery products, fillings and processes.

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Bakery Academy, your Bakery Expert | It's all in the Baking

Join our community for sharing knowledge and find all our insights about the Baking.

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Recent Bakery Blogs 

External factors of shelf life

Quality in bakeryShelf life

External factors of shelf...

The external factors of shelf life. All bakery products are stored for a short or longer period of time. The temperature at which this is being done v...

Challenges in sugar reduction


Challenges in sugar reduc...

A challenge can be the colouring of the product: monosaccharides colour different to disaccharides and at different temperatures as well.

Your own mix


Your own mix

Developing a new product is hard work: very often trial and error, EUREKA's and disappointments until a result can be brought to the market. As a deve...

Pectin based fillings


Pectin based fillings

Each fruit that you select to make a filling will behave differently. Pineapple is for ecample rich in the protein / enzyme bromelain, this will break...

Developing cookies with fibre

Cookies & BiscuitsFibres

Developing cookies with f...

For developing cookies with fibre. Bakery Academy has evaluated about 50 different fibres from over 10 different suppliers. We see however that every ...

Blistering on Sponge Cake


Blistering on Sponge Cake

Blistering on Sponge cakes it can happen every now and then. We have here a situation (see image) in which our challenge had all that can, come togeth...

Physical and Mechanical leavening


Physical and Mechanical l...

By physical leavening we talk about the availability of liquids. What happens is upon heating of bakery products during proofing or baking water and o...

Quality inspection example

Quality in bakery

Quality inspection exampl...

A quality inspection example. Bakery Academy is showing how such inspection example would look like, there is however much in ‘the eye of the be...

The right amount of air in creams?


The right amount of air i...

For the right amount of air in creams you need to know that creams come in several formulations. But roughly we can divide them with either fat or wat...

Flour and Starches


Flour and Starches

Flour is the base of near to all our bakery products. We as bakers have defined even our own way of calculating and comparing our recipes based on flo...

Process Improvement through AI

Process Improvement throu...

 It can identify inefficiencies, streamlines production, and accurately predicts consumer demand

The basics of Cakes


The basics of Cakes

For the basics of cake, before the time of emulsifiers and leavening agents. The natural ingredients had to be used in such a way that they were in th...

Biological leavening


Biological leavening

Fermentation produces amongst some other items carbon dioxide gas or CO2. Fermentation processes can happen more or less spontaneous (like in sourdoug...

Additives in Cake


Additives in Cake

Additives in cake. With the arrival of additives for cake almost everyone can now make cake. Emulsifiers help to make that air is stabilised and Leave...

Research in the bakery industry

Research in the bakery in...

It enables bakeries to identify and understand trends, allowing them to anticipate changes in market demand and seize new opportunities.

Biscuits processes

Cookies & Biscuits

Biscuits processes

Biscuits can be made in different processes, one is a system where a rotary moulder is being used and the dough is quite crumbly. Without the pressure...

Improving shelf life

Product challengesShelf life

Improving shelf life

Improving shelf life and it’s hurdles. When projecting the spores, bacteria, moulds and yeast to be the runners in an estafette final. It will b...

Acrylamide in Baking

AcrylamidenBaking processes

Acrylamide in Baking

Acrylamide in baking. From a processing point of view, the way products are baked are vital. Considered from a product as well as an Acrylamide perspe...

Implementation of Research and Development

Implementation of Researc...

To effectively understand and foster growth within companies in the bakery sector, it is crucial to analyze both organizational structures and the imp...

Dough types

Dough types

Some ingredients must be dissolved during mixing and the particle size influences the mixing time,otherwise these ingredients might still be visible a...