The story

Bakery Academy

When you grew up in an industrial bakery (Vast Banket) it is almost naturally that baking becomes a passion. As I (Jos Vast, Founder) grew up next to the business of my family, Vast Banket, I was already around in an industrial bakery as soon as I could walk. Working in the family business gave me the opportunity to experience different kind of functions in bakery. From working on extruding lines, laminators and supporting on setting up new production plants.

In my twenties I was part of the management team because of my study background as Science & Business Management. But my real passion stayed with the baking processes. So I found my place at R&D and Quality.  Being at this position I realized that the R&D department did a lot of troubleshooting instead of innovate or developing new bakery products. And so my first idea of Bakery Academy grew.

My ideal was an environment where science and experience of baking can work together in creating better products and processes.  An academic background and approach and combining that with Bakery, created our business name: Bakery Academy.

The story | Bakery Academy
Bakery Academy

The start

Founded in 2009 with the idea of bringing more practical knowledge to the industrial bakeries.

The first year, Bakery Academy did a lot f desk research and filled in interim positions at several companies. In 2011 we set up our own little research bakery in a space of 12m2 next to our private house. Not much later the bakery was to small, and so it was time to move to a bigger property where we have enough space to expand. A Bakery Innovation Centre of 400m2, with a stockroom for raw materials, large equipment and a knowledge library.

Because of the innovation centre we can continue to develop our knowledge and stay up to date with the latest food trends.

Our focus

Bakery Academy focused dominantly on health related developments and improving bakery products to today’s requirements such as:

  •       Reformulation of Fat/ Sugar/ Sodium, singular and multiple in ranges from 30-100%
  •       Generic Health Claims
  •       Label clean up
  •       Shelf life
  •       Sports nutrition

This laid the foundation of many other developments that we conduct in our own independent research:

  • Gluten free
  • Low carb/ keto 
  • Enrichment of Proteins and/ or Fibers
  • Plantbased Cakes and 
  • Bake stable fillings and creams


Bakery academy has applied these concepts in every type of bakery products. Cakes, Biscuits, Bread, Crackers, Laminated, Fillings and glazes, Eclairs, Wafers and waffles, Pastry, Cookies and Premixes.

With these research projects and our experiences of the industrial bakery. Customers came for related assignments for developments of products and applying them on a industrial scale. Which have resulted in several service areas to support bakeries. Training and education, External R&D, Process improvement and commissioning.  

The story | Bakery Academy

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