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Engaging Bakery Academy consultants for product development offers a myriad of benefits, ensuring that your venture into creating or refining bakery products is not only seamless but also yields outstanding results. Bakery Academy offers a flexible range of engagement models, allowing clients to choose the level of involvement that best suits their needs and resources. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach, collaborative partnership, or a fully managed solution, Bakery Academy adapts to your unique requirements, ensuring a tailored and effective product development experience. 

Ideal for:

  • Small bakery businesses or startups seeking a hands-on approach to bakery product development with the autonomy to implement ideas and solutions on their own.
  • Established businesses looking to enhance in-house capabilities by collaborating with Bakery Academy, fostering a cooperative environment for mutual learning and innovation.
  • Corporations with significant product development needs and limited in-house resources, looking for a comprehensive solution without direct involvement in the day-to-day development process.
  • Businesses seeking to outsource the entire product development process to experts, allowing them to leverage Bakery Academy's knowledge and experience for efficient and high-quality results.

Bakery Product Development | Bakery Academy

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Working with our experts can be done in a few ways:

Do It Yourself 

Acces to resources: Bakery Academy provides access to its extensive knowledge base, including blogs and resources, empowering clients to independently explore bakery science and technology.

Guidance and Consultation: While working autonomously, clients can engage Bakery Academy for guidance and consultation sessions. These sessions offer expert insights, problem-solving assistance, and advice tailored to specific challenges.

 Innovation Centre Access: Clients opting for the "Do It Yourself" approach can benefit from limited access to the Innovation Centre, utilizing the facilities and insights for self-guided experimentation and product development.

Do It Together

Workshops: Bakery Academy facilitates interactive workshops where clients and consultants collaborate on product development. This approach encourages the exchange of ideas, expertise, and hands on participation.

Joint experimentation: Clients actively participate in the development process alongside insights, real time feedback, and collaborative problem solving.

Customized training: Bakery Academy offer tailored training sessions, ensuring that clients acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to actively contribute to the product development process.

Done For You

End-to-end service: Bakery Academy takes full responsibility for the product development process, from ideation to implementation, allowing clients to focus on their core business funtions.

Comprehensive consultancy: Consultants from Bakery Academy handle all aspect of development, including recipe formulation, testing, and optimization, ensuring a turnkey solution for the client.

Final Product delivery: Clients receive a fully developed and tested bakery product, ready for production or market launch, with all necessary documentation and support provided by Bakery Academy

Bakery Product Development | Bakery Academy