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Are you the baker who regularly reads our blogs, seeking guidance for improving your products or bakery? Do you often encounter issues with your products or production processes and seek an efficient and affordable solution? Then our Bakery Community is the perfect partner for you!

We understand the complexity of the bakery world and the challenges you face daily. That's why we offer an accessible way to access high-quality knowledge and services that can help you enhance your products and optimize your production processes.

By joining our community, you'll not only gain valuable knowledge and expertise but also connect with individuals and businesses working in the bakery industry. We believe in accessibility for everyone, from independent bakers to larger industrial bakeries. That's why we offer four types of memberships at affordable rates.

Take the leap today and discover how our Bakery Community can help you achieve your goals.

Here are some key benefits of membership:

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  • Discounts on bakery consultancy

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Bakery science & technology available and applicable for you. 

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Join the Bakery Academy Community and experience a world of opportunities tailored to your bakery needs. 

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Independent baker

Our entry-level option for the independently starting baker who wants to expand their knowledge through blogs and simultaneously participate in our lively bakers' forum to share knowledge with other professionals? 

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  • All of bronze
  • Profile customization
  • Access to scientific articles
  • Quarterly cup of coffee
  • Training discount of 5%
  • Coaching discount of 5%
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Self-employed baker

Self-study with scientific articles for real depth in product technology. In addition, you will receive a free consultation every 3 months, allowing you to apply your knowledge effectively. This way, you avoid the high costs of a course while still having the opportunity to further develop as a baker.

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  • Publish your own content
  • Training discount 15%
  • Coaching discount 15%
  • Use of Bakery Academy Lab
  • Access networking event
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Bakers working in a small to medium-sized bakery 

Significant discounts to support bakers in small to medium-sized bakeries by providing expertise in various areas such as recipe development, ingredient sourcing, production efficiency, quality control, and troubleshooting. Personalized advice tailored to the bakery's specific needs.

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  • All of gold
  • Company profile
  • Max 20 staffmembers
  • Training on location
  • Consultancy on location
  • Group discount 20%
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Large-sized bakeries 

With multiple individuals on one membership, as a company, you receive a generous 20% group discount. Additionally, the consultant comes to your location for training, product development, or process optimization. Ideal for bakeries looking to train (new) bakers, as well as for guidance on products in the test bakery and on the production line.