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We are a group of 'handson' bakery consultants. Our specialty is product technology and bakery processes. The team of Bakery Academy travels all around the globe to support different kind of bakeries. Practical, eager and with passion making bakery science & technology accessible and applicable for you. Amongst the variety of our customers are raw material suppliers, industrial bakeries and bakery institutes.

Part of our vast experience and knowledge is being captured in articles published in international magazines. And ofcourse in our blog page.

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We believe in your unique bakery products

As Bakery Academy we believe in your unique local ingredients and recipes. This results in products with a taste and appreciation which is unique for your business.

We believe that we can facilitate you too in desired growth and expansion of your business. We have successfully proved that all in a variety of clients all over the world. 

Together with your people developing, transferring and maintaining the same or better quality and taste through out the process: practical advices, hands-on, remotely coaching and training on the job

Improve your bakery production

No company is the same. From raw materials, production process and staff, they all have their own goals and requirements. 

With Bakery Academy and their expertise as product technologist and our long experience in the bakery industry. We know that an optimal set up in your bakery process is necessary. 

We can assure you of a production process where the teamwork, staff and product are at the highest quality. This will result in: less waste and less variety in a production run.

Working with Bakery Academy?

  • New developed products and processes
  • Newly set up of bakery (production) lines
  • More steady control of your bakery processes
  • Reverse engineered products (and processes)
  • Reduced material costs of products
  • Extended shelf life of your product(s)
  • Cleaner Label of your products
  • Training and Education
  • Coaching projects

Bakery Blogs

Your own mix


Your own mix

Developing a new product is hard work: very often trial and error, EUREKA's and disappointments until a result can be brought to the market. As a deve...

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Complete, pre or concentrated mixes?


Complete, pre or concentr...

Mixes are being sold in different ways. A complete mix where you just ad water. A premix where you add egg, fat that is sometimes part of flour a...

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Collapsing of cakes

CakeProduct challenges

Collapsing of cakes

Collapsing is a very common issue in cakes, in particular in the more traditional formulations: without stabilisers, emulsifiers, etc. In those cases ...

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Challenge of the biscuits.

Cookies & Biscuits

Challenge of the biscuits...

Taking baking to the next level. Baking it always looks so easy. But then you realize you have hundreds of raw materials to choose from just to bake a...

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Cross-Media Learning

When training on location is limited. We believe that there is always a way and the possibilities of online training are endless. With an online learning platform we can still give you a personal training. By phone or virtual meetings we keep close contact and be able to still make those big improvements. Bakery Academy is there to support and guide you in the right direction.

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