Bakery Academy, your bakery expert.....

A privately funded group of consultants who make Bakery Science & Technology accessible for you! Innovating with practice and science. That's the task of The Bakery Academy. Feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail.

Bakery Academy

We believe in continuously investing in being the best in your field. In creating more know-how and -why of bakery ingredients and bakery processes and aligning that with the revitalization of unique, often local products from regions all over the world.


Bakery Academy is bringing practical knowledge to the industrial bakeries. Knowledge that theory of just books couldn’t teach you. In the research & development and to the bigger production processes


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Where do we make the difference?

  • Independent from third parties.
  • Good cooperation’s with raw materials and machinery suppliers.
  • Own Innovation Centre
  • Large product range of raw materials available in our Innovation Centre.
  • Operating world wide.
  • Own research in new skills.
  • 2-3 scientific articles for bakery magazines, offline and online.
  • Working from ingredient functionalities and process possibilities.
  • Different kind of baking techniques possible to copy the industrial process.

With passion creating, driving and transferring knowledge in the art of baking.