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Do you need your own external R&D Department?

Do you need to solve difficulties with your processes and products?

Does your staff need custom made Education or Training?

Do you need on a regular basis coaching & mentoring, on the job or online, for yourself or your staff?

Do you need, every now and then, the assurance that your production lines are on their highest quality and efficiciency standards?

Bakery Academy is

A privately funded group of consultants who makes Bakery Science & Technology accessible for you!

Bakery Consultancy

As Bakery Academy we believe in your unique local ingredients and recipes. This results in products with a taste and appreciation which is unique for your business. We believe that we can facilitate you too in desired growth and expansion of your bakery business. Our bakery consultants have successfully proved that all, with a variety of clients all over the world in optimising their bakery product(s). Where with respect to (local) recipes, processes and ingredients and together with your people developing better taste and control throughout the process: practical advices, hands-on, remotely coaching and training on the job. Generally speaking the changes in the bakery processes are incrementally applied by our industrial bakery consultant to ensure a longterm success.

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Bakery Innovation

Developing new bakery products can be a real challenge, especially when there is little to no room for experimenting or when parts of bakery knowledge are missing. The Bakery Academy has their own Bakery Application Centre situated on 400m2, with an extensive range of ingredients and equipment to mimic and create industrial bakery processes as close as possible. Industrial bakeries with no R&D of their own, equipment manufacturers and small scale raw material suppliers frequently use our Application Centre to do new product development, test a new bakery process or develop bakery demonstration applications to showcase.

Bakery Training

As Bakery Academy we noticed that a lot of knowledge simply is disappearing or being forgotten that it’s there. We focus on bakery knowledge assurance, from both old as new bakery formulations as well as old fashioned and modernised bakery processes. The combination of new and old knowledge has already proven to be very helpful in our bakery consulting services, as we focus transferring our bakery knowledge. This results in customised bakery training courses in our bakery consultancy and will be part of the bakery training courses we offer from our Bakery Academy Application Centre. Our courses have a good mix of theory and practice skills as we see the offering of skilled bakery technologist disappear.

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