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Cookies and Biscuits

Welcome to the Cookies and Biscuits course! Dive into product classifications with hands-on Rotary Moulding and Spread Tests. Explore diverse textures through Hard and Soft Biscuit tastings. Uncover the science of formulation, experimenting with flour, fat, sugar, eggs, and more. Achieve Personal Targets in crafting through iterative recipe adjustments. Engage in practical sessions, from dough-making to yeast fermentation activities. This course, blending theory and practice, hones your skills to create diverse cookies and biscuits. 

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Course details

We will cover essential topics, including product classifications, product samples, formulation and building blocks, and key ingredient introductions.

Product Classifications:

In this section, we will dissect the landscape of cookies and biscuits, examining the nuances that distinguish various product classifications. From the chewiness of oatmeal raisin cookie to the delicate crumble of shortbread biscuits, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse characteristics that define each category. Practical sessions will involve hands-on classification exercises, where you will create and identify different types of cookies and biscuits to reinforce your learning. This includes engaging activities like Rotary Moulding for shaping and Spread Tests to analyze the texture and spread of dough during baking.

Product Samples:

To sharpen your discerning palate, we'll engage in sensory exploration by analyzing a range of product samples. By evaluating taste, texture, and visual appeal, you'll develop the ability to identify and appreciate the unique qualities that set exceptional cookies and biscuits apart. Practical tastings and evaluations will be a key component, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world examples. This includes hands-on experiences with both Hard and Soft Biscuits, understanding the distinctions in texture and flavor profiles.

Formulation & Building Blocks:

The heart of the course lies in understanding the formulation and building blocks that contribute to the success of these baked treats. We will dissect the roles of fundamental ingredients such as flour, fat, sugar, eggs, water, enzymes, pH levels, leavening agents, yeast, and water activity (AW). Through this detailed examination, you will gain insights into the science of achieving the perfect harmony of flavor, texture, and structure. Practical sessions will include recipe development exercises, where you'll experiment with different ratios and combinations to understand the impact on the final product. You will set and achieve Personal Targets through iterative recipe adjustments, crafting your skills and find that perfect cookie or biscuit.

All attendees are supplied with an individual booklet in which the presentations, formulations and theory appendix to take home.

Course benefits

  • Create an understanding on how cookies and biscuits are classified.
  • Create an overview on basic recipes and manufacturing processes.
  • A guideline on formulations of Cookies and Biscuits in relation to the intended processes.
  • Share an insight in the key ingredients and its interactions within the products.
  • Understanding the influence of how oven settings can determine finished product.


People in production or development functions related to bakery industry. The course is limited to a maximum of 8 people.

Costs & Payment

€ 1.600,-- per person, this includes the costs for the course, practice materials and lunch on all course related days. If desired accommodation can be arranged for you as well.

Duration & Location

  • 4 days; Monday – Thursday 8.30 CET- 17.00/17.30 CET
  • Bakery Academy Application Centre,
  • Het Aanleg 18d, NL-9951 SJ Winsum – The Netherlands

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