Process improvement

No company is the same. From raw materials, production process and staff, they all have their own goals and requirements. With Bakery Academy, you will always receive a customized plan of approach. With our experience an expertise, we can assure you of a production process where the teamwork, staff and product are of the highest quality. This will result in: less waste and less variety in a production run.

To get insight of the performance we need dashboards data. Most data will only give insights of the outcome of the process and not the process run itself. Do you have insight in how your process and production is really running, or how they should be running? What is the level of detailed information needed to make decisions based on?

Most common assignements.

  • implementation of new products
  • trouble shooting
  • scaling up production
  • reducing product waste
  • efficiency in product varieties
  • lower the production cost

By the holistic approach of Bakery Academy it is not the capabilities of the supplied equipment will dictate your product quality, but an optimal set up from ingredients and process steps, harmonized with the equipment into your desired product.

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