Reduce the risk of operational problems and ensure higher quality control and plant efficiency. Proper commissioning of your process instrumentation is essential to handle critical factors such as time, resource availability and acces to specific skills during the start-up phase. This can be an extra set of eyes, a trainer or a longer period of support after that equipment was handed over.

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Our experienced bakery experts ensure a sustainable beginning-to-end solution for your commisioning projects, regardless of scale and location of your facility

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Commissioning never comes easy!

Commissioning never comes easy. It requires a lot of expertise, expertise that Bakery Academy can offer. Rather it is about an exciting plant that has been taken over and needs to be translocated. As well as when there needs to be a completely new production plant/ bakery. We can guide you in every phase of the commission. From idea to production. Bakery Academy will continue the support there where other companies stop.

After a carefully assembling of your production plant of the machine manufacturer or your technical engineers. They need to test operational runs with several products. The production plants are mainly tested  for single or a couple of products. But in reality the production plant needs to produce multiple products. In this insecure phase where most of the child diseases will appear. We will look at every component to have a better insight of the production run, and how to solve possible difficulties. Think about tuning the right ingredients, the weighing at the mixers, forming of the dough, setting the ovens, cooling process, and packaging. By checking of all these critical components, measurement reports will be made. With the information off the measurement reports our bakery experts will train your staff on sight and involve them as much as possible. So they can solve the difficulties that they will face in this start-up phase and in the future.

An independent support with:

  • Setting up a new production plant.
  • Setting up a new bakery.
  • Takeover of a production plant.
  • Takeover of a bakery.


With commissioning Bakery Academy has good corperations with Ferber Concepts.

Commissioning | Bakery Academy