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Pastry Varieties

Are you looking for an independent person to start up your line?

When a line needs to be started up with several products and staff requires training and support for a longer period of time: a bakery expert with a lengthy experience in multiple levels of an organisation can make the difference.

Have you bought a used line and need it to work in your factory?

We assist every year during taking production lines from one facility to the next items are lost in translation. Our experts assist and get products back on track with a minimal adjustment on formulation and a maximum result with your local ingredients.

Your Bakery Consultant

Our bakery consultants have a broad industrial experience in setting up, running and improving bakery production lines. Combining experiences from semi-industrial up to full scale automated production in (rich) breads, crackers, cookies, biscuits, pastry, cakes and wafers of three generations with our employees and freelancers makes us your bakery expert to call!
Whether it is just a general visit from our industrial bakery consultant to create a review on your current bakery, on existing products and processes or to be developed.
Or when you would need a bakery consultant as an assessor, who would frequently visit you to assure that you’re continuing to produce your products against the highest standards and practices. When your bakery assessor combines those visits with implementing bakery product development on your production lines, success rates of both development as the improvement are high.

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