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Extend the knowledge to reformulate bakery products to fit requirements: Reduction of sugar, sodium and fats. Cleaning up labels. Improving nutrition to enrich fiber and proteins.

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Strategies to reduce fat, sugar and sodium in commercial bakery products.


This course will cover both theoretically and practical means for reformulation of bakery products. The course will cover single and multiple reformulations, in such a way that every participant understands what the current state of technological perspective is. In the discussions we will cover the trade-offs between product quality, nutritional profile and costs.

-          Reduction of:

o   Sugar

o   Sodium

o   (Saturated) Fats

-          Cleaning up labels:

o   Remove preservatives

o   Reduce or eliminate emulsifiers

o   Introduce alternatives to hydrocolloids

-          Improving nutrition to:

o   Increase fiber content

o   Protein enrichment

Participants are invited to bring own products which will or might need improvement in this or other perspective. These improvements can be dealt with in the practical sessions.

- Create an understanding of the roles of fat, sugar and sodium in various Bakery Systems (Products) and their interactions
- Create an understanding of the potential trade-offs concerning multiple or singular reformulation

People in production, R&D/ NPD, development/ applications level functions related to bakery industry. Sales and Marketing people can attend to create better understanding of the processes involved.

3 days, combing theory and practice

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