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Shelf life extension

This course will extend the knowledge of the attendees to reformate their bakery products to understand different parameters to reach a desired shelf life.

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Shelf life extension

In the world of bakery, shelf life challenges are a constant concern for bakeries of all sizes. These issues can compromise product quality and lead to product waste, which can have a massive impacting on your bakery. Here are a few of the most common shelf life challenges.


Excessive moisture can lead to mold an yeast growth, while insufficient moisture can render products dry and brittle. Maintaining the appropriate humidity levels during production, storage and packaging is essential to these issues.


Oxidation is another prevalent problem that influences the taste and texture of bakery products. Fats and oils in dough-based products can become rancid when exposed to oxygen. Using antioxidants and airtight packaging can help reduce oxidation.

Microbial growth:

Molds, yeast and bacteria can significantly impact the shelf life of bakery products. Maintaining clean production environments and employing preservatives or pH regulators can control microbial growth.

Temperature control:

Temperature is critical for preserving shelf life. Excessive heat can accelerate the growth of microorganisms, while extreme cold can compromise product texture. Vigilantly monitoring storage and transportation temperatures is crucial.

Packaging materials:

The choice of packaging materials affects the shelf life of bakery products. Selecting packaging that shields against moisture, oxygen and light can extend product life.

When adopting a proactive approach to mitigate shelf life challenges. Which involves implementing rigorous quality control measures, training staff in hygienic practices, and investing in suitable storage and transportation facilities. In the dynamic world of the bakery industry, understanding and managing shelf life challenges is paramount to ensure that your product quality is maintained.

Conquer these shelf life challenges and ensure your bakery products remain fresh and tasty through a longer period. Join our course on shelf life extention. And you will learn within the best practices to extend your shelf life. 


This course will extend the knowledge of the attendees to reformate their bakery products to understand different parameters to reach a desired shelf life:

  • Product matrix limiters
  • Internal factors (ingredients, formulations and processes)
  • External factors (packaging, storage)

The attendee will learn to understand different product matrixes and interactions and try to bring this into practice. Participants are expect to have some experience in baking and process handling.

We work during this course on the following base products:

  1. Cakes
  2. Breadtype products (Sandwichbread and/ or croissant type depending on students’ preferences)


  • Create an understanding of different mechanism of shelf life deterioration
  • Create an understanding of relation of shelf life and ingredient functionalities and process interaction
  • Create and understanding of relation of processes and shelf life

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People in production or development/ applications in mid to senior level functions related to bakery industry. The course is limited to a maximum of 8 people

Costs & Payment

€ 2.000,-- per person, this includes the costs for the course, practice materials, lunch on all course related days.

Duration & Location

  • 5 days; March 18-22, 2024  Monday – Friday 8.30 CET- 17.00/17.30 CET
  • Bakery Academy Application Centre, Het Aanleg 18d, NL-9951 SJ Winsum – The Netherlands