Today's challenges in bakery

16 November 2022
Today's challenges in bakery | Bakery Academy
Today bakeries are facing different kind of challenges. With soaring raw material prices, unavailability of certain materials and an unstable energy market, staff shortage, the challenges are massive. With these challenges it can be tempting to seek out for options that are low in cost. 

It isn’t always a good way to look at improving operational costs. Some purchasing benefits can result in massive production inefficiency, but the picture should be larger. All defect within the process (either resulting in over-or underweight, incomplete or damaged product waste and intermediate inefficiencies, such as ‘scrap’ or return dough) can be analysed to be optimised.

Some solutions are done in further atomisation of the complete process, in certain cases this can go to almost a pharmaceutical kind or process, but that doensn’t work out when the process in itself isn’t in control. So how to get that control?

In another way a compliance can also be a good direction:

  • Describing task, controls and correction measurements per process step and assign responsibilities (and bandwith) per function.
  • Larger adaptations are the always done together, where smaller adaptations are in a certain bandwith: this is also solves the issue that each shift is having their own set of process parameters.

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