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14 June 2022
Self mixing | Bakery Academy

Developing a new product is hard work: very often trial-and-error, EUREKA’s and disappointments until a result can be brought to the market. As developer/ product technologist or process technologist it can be a tough nut to crack.

Clarifying the outlines, the constraints from either process or materials and translating into a series of product function requirements. What do we expect the product to do/ behave at what point in time.

  •           Analysing current available and allowed raw materials
  •           Analysing current processes and conditions
  •           Selecting/ defining new functions and potentials materials and/ or processes
  •           Designing product formulations

Developing a prototype that should give a ‘proof of concept’, e.g. it is not final. The taste might not be OK yet, appearance can improve, but it works. After this prototype the real development starts: finetuning colour, flavour, texture, shelf life until we reach the desired goal. Everyone involved in development knows that up until this stage anywhere between 30- 200 trials might have passed already.

In order to skip a lot of this hard work many grasp to something that already has been development by someone in the past and is being sold in a mix, where also a lot of convenience comes into play. 

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