Course: Cookies and Biscuits

Course details

This course will introduce the production of sweet baked goods, such as cookies and biscuits. The attendee will learn to understand the product matrixes and interactions and try to bring this into practice. We will be covering the influences of single ingredient (no premixes) and process conditions.

Next to ingredients we will cover the influence of mixing technology as well as method of baking in creating unique product characteristics. Although we expect that students do not have a lengthy experience, we intend to give them an intense combination of theory and practice which they directly can take home and apply in their day-to-day work.

All attendees are supplied with an individual booklet in which the presentations, formulations and theory appendix to take home.

Course benefits

  • Create an understanding on how cookies and biscuits are classified.
  • Create an overview on basic recipes and manufacturing processes.
  • A guideline on formulations of Cookies and Biscuits in relation to the intended processes.
  • Share an insight in the key ingredients and its interactions within the products.
  • Understanding the influence of how oven settings can determine finished product.

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People in production or development/ applications in entry level functions related to bakery industry. Quality/ Technical, Engineering, Sales and Marketing people can attend to create better understanding of the processes involved.The course is limited to a maximum of 8 people.

Costs & Payment

€ 1.600,-- per person, this includes the costs for the course, practice materials and lunch on all course related days. If desired accommodation can be arranged for you as well.

Duration & Location

  • 4 days; Monday – Thursday 8.30 CET- 17.00/17.30 CET
  • Bakery Academy Application Centre,
  • Het Aanleg 18d, NL-9951 SJ Winsum – The Netherlands