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Cake Introduction

This comprehensive program is designed to provide you the basic tools into cake making, equipping you with the essential basic knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the bakery industry. Become a skilled baker with the Cake Introduction Course, tailored for those who are new to the bakery scene or for those who are new with cake products.

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Course information

Throughout this course, we will delve into various crucial topics that form the foundation of cake. We begin with an exploration of product classifications, understanding the diverse range of cakes and some global differences. 

Our journey continues with a deep dive into raw materials, unraveling the functions of flour, fats and oils, and sugars. You will gain an understanding of how these fundamental ingredients interact, ensuring that you can create not just delicious, but structurally sound cakes. Mixing technology, leavening agents, and the role of eggs in baking will be explained, enabling you to make informed decisions about your recipes. 

The heart of our course lies in hands-on experiences during practical sessions, where you'll get up close and personal with the main ingredients. From measuring and mixing to baking. As we progress, you'll have the opportunity to engage in a comparative study of cupcake vs. pound cake vs. muffin, understanding the unique characteristics that define each. This practical exploration will deepen your knowledge and enable you to cater to diverse preferences in your bakery offerings. Our instructors will guide you through the nuances of achieving the perfect texture, flavor, and rise in your cakes. 

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Course benefits
  1. Comprehensive Knowledge: Participants will acquire a comprehensive understanding of various cake classifications, raw materials, and essential baking techniques. This foundational knowledge serves as a solid base for creating a wide array of cakes.
  2.  Hands-On Experience: The practical sessions provide invaluable hands-on experience, allowing participants to work directly with main ingredients, fine-tuning their skills in measuring, mixing, and baking.
  3.  Ingredient Mastery: Through discussions on raw materials, participants will gain insight over ingredient selection and usage. This knowledge is essential for creating high-quality, delicious, and visually appealing cakes.      
  4. Baking Science Understanding: The course starts with exploring the science behind baking, exploring topics like mixing technology, leavening agents, and the role of eggs. This scientific understanding empowers bakers to troubleshoot and innovate in their recipes.
  5. Product Differentiation: Participants will learn to distinguish between various types of cakes, such as cupcakes, pound cakes, and muffins.
  1. Bakery Staff: Employees who are new/working in the bakery industry and seeking a foundational understanding of cake production.

  2. Bakery Assistants: Individuals working in supporting roles within a bakery who want to expand their knowledge and contribute more effectively to the baking process.

Costs & Payment:

Are per person. This includes the costs for the course, practice materials and lunch on all course related days. 

Travel cost, accommodation cost and VAT are not included.

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Duration & Location
  • 2 days; Monday - Tuesday 8.30am - 17.30pm CET
  • Bakery Academy Application Centre,
  • Het Aanleg 18d, NL-9951 SJ Winsum - The Netherlands