Training and Education

Let yourself be led by the product and give in to your quriousity to really understand the processes of baking. A balanced approach of theory and practice, makes that you’ll leave with more experience and know-how & why to your bakery before you came to us.

We offer courses in every level of bakery technology, from Introduction to more advanced.

Online and offline.

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Training your staff in R&D and implementing in production.

Training on the job, focusses specifically on your production line and its products. When training other R&D and process technologist we often see that basic raw material understanding is present, but how they interact is difficult to envision. In particularly when we are discussing processes, different means of processing and how they interact. By using visual explanation and sometimes simple techniques as show and tell we can reach a tremendous step in deducting functionalities in relation to results. This in its turn can be very valuable in the cases where troubleshooting is required and next steps in either process improvement of product development can be made to get closer to a proper result.

Training @ Bakery Academy

By visiting our Innovation Centre we create an environment where all can be asked.

Seeing how it’s done, exchanging experiences with other people create a better and enhanced understanding of knowledge. This is exactly the strength of Bakery Academy courses.

  • Interacting with your course leader(s)
  • Interacting with fellow course followers
  • Different environment and atmosphere compared to regular work situation

Courses of bakery academy will be tailor made for your company.


Available courses

When training on location is limited. We believe that there is always a way and the possibilities of online training are endless. With an online learning platform we can still give you a personal training. By phone or virtual meetings we keep close contact and be able to still make those big improvements. Bakery Academy is there to support and guide you in the right direction.


at ZDS, cake course

Puff Pastry

Different kinds of methods and how they work in a production environment. Get a scientific insight of what happens with all those layers.

  • Dutch/ Scottish
  • English
  • French
  • Blitz
  • Quick
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Cookies & Biscuits

This intermediate level course will give you an understanding of ingredients and processes and how they interact in cookies and biscuits. Different kinds of raw materials such as flours, sugars and syrups , fat, leavening and liquids will be discussed

cake course


This course will give you an understanding of ingredients and processes and how they interact in cakes. Different kinds of cakes will be in practice such as sponge, traditional cake and muffins

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