I want more information about baking courses and training?

At the moment we have 2 online baking courses. 1 for Biscuits and Cookies and a Cake course. Course number three Puff pastry is still in the making. Another option would be a coaching project by one of our bakery experts. Would you like to know more about a course or a coaching project?

Can you tell me more about the biscuits and cookies course?

During this course, each module will guide you through various standard ingredients that are being used in cookies and biscuits. The standard ingredients are, flour, sugar, fat, leavening and liquids. We will discuss what the quality of those ingredients are, or should be. And in which different ways we can work with those ingredients to reach your cookie or biscuit.

By using intermediate tests we are trying to help you in learning, retaining and understanding the information, so you will be able to start using it in your daily practice. This will result in information that can help you enrich your experience in baking.

Am I getting a certificate after finishing this course?

After graduating from the practical assignment and the theoretical assessment on ingredients and processes you will receive a certificate from us.

What are the cost of such course?

The Cake Course is € 210,- excl. VAT and the Cookies & Biscuits course is € 180,- excl. VAT.

How can I enrol for this course?

You can enrol by ordering the course at our webshop. After your order is completed you can start online learning at the Bakery Academy.

Is there also a possibility to enrol for a physical course?

If there are enough participants (4+) then it is possible to take a course at Bakery Academy. But most of the time in case of physical courses Bakery Academy will come to a location of choice. Bakery academy also has cooperated bakery courses with the ZDS in Sollingen, Germany.