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Biscuits has two words in it: Bis and Cuit, translated into “2 or 2 times” and “Cooked”. So something we would expect more with toast (bread baked 2 times). However biscuits are as dry as bread cooked twice, nowadays even dryer. Biscuits have a long shelf life as their residual moisture is below 5% and the wateractivity (or ERH – Equilibrium Relative Humidity) is even below 0,30. Why the 5% residual moisture one could ask, as in many cases it is even as low as 2 or 3%...? This has to do with the fact that one of the frequently used leavening agents is ammoniumbicarbonate, which has the tendency to dissolve in 2 gasses (CO2 and NH4). Ammoniumgas can still be in the product when residual moisture is 6% or higher and that is very frequently judged as a negative by many consumers. As Ammoniumbicarbonate can facilate the formation of Acrylamide and can contribute to Nitrogen increase (which has a negative impact on the environment) it is being replaced frequently

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