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2 February 2022
Stickey products | Bakery Academy

Stickey products on the oven belt.

Occasionally products tend to stick to a wiremesh belt. Which after release causes the product to damage partly or completely. The cause of this can be multiple, as well as it’s range of solutions. When it is in the product implementation phase of a new product or if a product transfers from e.g. a closed belt to a wiremesh belt. We have experienced that in 85% of the cases, the sugar balance in the recipe is working against you. The easiest solution is to remove 10-15% of your sugars (e.g. sugar, dried glucose, fructose as well as syrups of them). Another cause can be that the baking profile requires balancing, this is ofcourse easier in a 3 or 4 zone oven compared to a 2 zone oven. In case of having a 2 zone oven, it might be vital to keep the profile even or slightly degrading.

In the case that this happens on certain occasions, it is quite like that there is an error in your raw material system, which might be caused by human error. In some cases the use of silos is not economical and sacks are use for flour and sugar. Here you have to account for inaccuracies of your supplier, which could have effects on your final product.

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