Shelflife and clean label

10 January 2023
shelflife and clean label | Bakery Academy

Shelf life and clean label

Certain Emulsifiers can be replaced by using enzymes that open up the functionality of the present starches, proteins and lipids in a formulation and allow you to reduce for example: DATEM, DMG or lecithin. This should however be looked at with detail as certain emulsifiers can look on paper as one, but in fact they might vary due to source (of fat) and the manufacturing process.

However when looking at humectants such as sorbitol and glycerol, it seems to be a bigger challenge to replace them when looking at for example cake products with long shelf lives (6 months and more). To some extent certain natural ingredients can replace some of the functionality, but other parts might require different techniques: the way we look at cooling, packaging and packaging materials are tools often used in those long shelf life products, but will have to find it’s way to shorter shelf life products if the desire is to remove as much E-numbers as possible.

Within the toolbox we have described over this newsletter we might be able to replace partially emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, preservervatives and humectants by using enzymes, fibres, special starch and flour types.

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