Shape and forms of product development

8 September 2022
Shape and forms of product development | Bakery Academy

Product Development comes in many shapes and forms, such as:

1.       Ground breaking, very often not only Product, but also Process Development

2.       New product, based on existing processes

3.       Incremental, think of extensions or variations on an existing product/ format (could just be a new type of packaging, flavour, weight/ size, etc)

4.       Optimisations, existing products that require optimisation that can occur in various ways:

a.       Taste

b.       Texture

c.       Shelf life

d.       Cost

e.       Waste

f.        Combinations of the above

Most products have been made in the past or currently so doing an actual ground breaking development will be very hard. If you change perspective; for example you are making biscuits and want to product pound cakes and muffins than that is a ground breaking change/ development for you and your business… so it all lies in the perspective so to write (speak). Currently we know that adopting a new technology in a business requires more time then using existing technology in a different way. The same is applicable in product development and implementation in the production. Incremental innovations require significant less process guidance compared to ground breaking innovations.

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