Replacing the egg in cake

14 February 2022
Replacing the egg in cake | Bakery Academy

Vegan is hot and happening. In several products egg whites or egg yolks can be easily replaced by other animal based products, such as certain milk proteins. From a sustainability point of view more and more demand comes for completely plant based products. This means however that the unique functionalities in eggs are lost, as well as some of the milk ones. Many would say that lecithin is lecithin, so that lecithin coming from eggs can be considered the same as coming from soy, sunflower or rapeseed for that matter. Unfortunately the name is what they have in common, but from a chemical point of view the lecithins are not the same; creating a new challenge in particular those items where egg makes 10% or more of the total formulation.

Certainly with certain emulsifiers, beans (flours or extracts), hydrocolloids we could achieve some of those functionalities, but if we want products that are within the 85-110% of the benchmark the challenge rises. We see that in particular in cakes that still require to be moist for a longer period and remain Mould Free (let’s say for 6 months) or sponge cakes.

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