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7 July 2021
Quality inspection example | Bakery Academy

A quality inspection example. Bakery Academy is showing how such inspection example would look like, there is however much in ‘the eye of the beholder’. Which says as much that values chosen here might actually be quality complaints of certain customers: the difference between how the product is intended and how it is received. In the end you can take this example and change it to your own attributes and scores/grades and define your AQL. In the example we use a puff pastry product:

Apple Turnover (Apple Triangle)

Maximum pointsRemarksScore given
Length8Target: 5.7-6.2

Width8Target: 10.3-10.8

Height8Target: 2.5-3.5

Baking nature8Evenly Uneven oneside Uneven 2-side

Layering8Gradual and visible Unclear Distorted (part visible, part not)

Crust Colour8Golden brown Dark edges Burnt/ overcaramelised sugar

Crumb Colour8Slightly pale to light brown White Golden brown

Filling position7Center Towards one of the edges

Bake out8No One side 2 sides 3 sides

Flakiness8Easy Flakyness Tough Elastic

Crispiness7Sound upon (soft) bite Requires hard bite for sound (crunchy) No sound at any bite

Flavour7Apple, Caramel and Butter Apple Butter Caramel None

Tenderness7Dry Melting Uncooked Thick crust

Total points100

How to score and grade once above a certain absolute number depends on your personal interpretation: a higher puff pastry might appear great, but might not fit the packaging and thus resulting in a negative customer experience. A slightly lower turnover might still be consumed, with slightly less satisfaction, but still fulfilling most part of customer experience.

Every Attribute you can support with a picture or sometimes with a self designed test, e.g. for judgement of flakiness you could rub for 10 seconds on the bottom of the turnover and judge if the flakes are small, big or perhaps even not there.

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