Products sticking to the mould

2 February 2022
Products sticking to the mould | Bakery Academy
Products sticking to the mould.  It sometimes happens that when baking cakes, albeit cupcakes or family cakes/ loaf cakes, they just stick to the mould. There could be an imbalance here of sugars. But if this happens over time and tends to worsen/ get more worse there is very likely another cause. When the cakes are releasing lesser over time of weeks and months, it is most probably that the coating of your mould has deteriorated and requires a ‘renovation’. In high frequency and volume baking we recommend to do this in a preventive way, buy removing the moulds from your system that are the worst and by the time that you have removed about 10-20% (which can be somewhere between 6-12 months in production) we suggest that you renew the coating.

In another way this could happen by a change as simple as your flour, by changes in the quality of your starch or protein they way it can hold its structure changes. This has to do with something that is called ‘surface tention’. Increasing this surface tension could solve this problem, using an emulsifier or hydrocolloid might be able assist you in solving this issue.

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