July: Reformulation


In the bakery there are a lot of products that are high in the levels of salt, calories, saturated fat and sugar. From research we know that the possibilities are there to make healthier bakery products that still have a good taste and keep a reasonable shelf life.

Bakery Academy will explain four topics of different directions of reformulation:

  • fats and oils
  • nutriscore in bread
  • calorie reduction in biscuits
  • reduction of sugar in cake

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Collapsing of cakes

Collapsing is a very common issue in cakes, in particular in the more traditional formulations: without stabilisers, emulsifiers, etc. In those cases opening the oven…

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The spread in cookies and biscuits can be caused by numerous ingredients and processing steps. Probably most baking people will know that the amount and…

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Replacing the egg in cake

Vegan is hot and happening. In several products egg whites or egg yolks can be easily replaced by other animal based products, such as certain…

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The right amount of air in creams?

Creams come in several formulations, but roughly we can divide them with either fat or water as dominant source when we start. If we can…

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Getting the right colour in bakery products.

The colour of a product is very often its signature. Some products will receive some decorations, where other products require that the crust will give…

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The ideal melting curve of fats and oils.

Fats and oils consist of a glycerol molecule that can bind 3 different fatty acids. The type of fatty acid makes that we would classify…

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  • Reduction of sugar, and dry products.
  • Cutting calories in biscuits.
  • From nutriscore X to an A/B in white bread.
  • Explained: fats & oils.



  • What is quality?
  • Stages of quality management.
  • Quality inspections.
  • Notable quality inspections.



  • Types of proteins.
  • Protein classification.
  • Functions.
  • Developing products with protein.


Shelf life

  • Moulds.
  • Flavours and Textures.
  • Prognosis on shelf life.
  • Environmental factors.