Outsourcing of productions

16 November 2022

Outsourcing of production | Bakery Academy

Outsourcing of productions

When companies grow with a product or even consider out sourcing of productions they recognise very often what they would call: Critical process quality parameters. However when moving from for example from a rotating oven with 1-4 oven racks to a continuous baking oven will have a different effect, not to mention if the mechanisms of heating are different (e.g. convection vs direct gas fired) baking results can be massively deviating if you would consist on keeping temperature and baking time the sameā€¦: rotating ovens loose for example quite a lot heat when opening the door for loading and unloading; the first moments of heating are the to bring the oven plus oven racks to heat up: this gan give 1/3-50% more baking time the compared to continuous oven when looking at short baking times (about 10-15 minutes max). this transfer requires therefore thinking, and in particular if a hybrid oven is being used. Using 2 different techniques can give a huge benefit in product and process consistency, but making it on a different oven (small, like in a laboratory or big as in a different line) will not give same results in colour and internal baking consistency. There are however means to use a more parameterised approach in this, to be as close as one can be.

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