Nutriscore ''the good side''

4 July 2023
Nutriscore ''the good side'' | Bakery Academy

Nutriscore ''the positives''

As the contradiction wants: the positives deducts points to improve the total outcome towards hopefully as close to 0 as possible. That would mean that the focus in this case would be to review and increase is feasible of the amounts of:

  •           Protein
  •           Fibres
  •           Vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts (and certain oils)

For vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and certain oils there are restrictions on how to use and calculate them, in particular when applying for example a concentrate: when not fully reconstituted it might just be sugar, fat, protein and fibres that can be considered. The idea is that processing of food adds to the loss of many micronutrients. The nuts considered are: Walnut, hazelnut, pistachio, cashew, pecan, coconut (depends on the condition), peanut, almond, chestnuts. Oils to be considered as healthy are: rapeseed, walnut and olive oils. That would imply that in baking we would like to investigate if we could apply one of the oils in stead of a more saturated version; this solves a negatives and brings us a positive by a relatively simple (probably only partial) replacement.

Protein Enrichment (see also our newsletter from October ’21 or check our archives for more details) is a way forwards to add positives to our product judgement. However we are adding functionalities as well, in which we sometimes aren’t too fond of having and sometimes side-affects such as taste…

In June ’21 we touched fibres and they can aid as well in several directions: amongst other fat and/ sugar reduction. Looking into additional functionality it might be wise to look on the processing as well as the fibre length to see if processing effects can be minimised in order to maximize nutritional gain.

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