Egg alternatives

8 May 2023
Egg alternatives | Bakery Academy

Alternatives to egg

When replacing eggs, the challenge lies in the fact that multiple functions needs to be replaced. For example in Cakes, we use binding/ hydration, air incorporation, emulsification, stabilisation, gelling, colour, flavour, heat transfer and freshness. To some extent air incorporation and emulsification might be replaced with emulsifiers, however the stabilisation and gelling part would be incomplete, therefore a gelling agent would be required. Of these gelling agents we can think of hydrocolloids, such as cyclodextrins, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose or even other combinations with starch and alginates, pectins, locustbean gum and xanthan gum, etc. A more friendly approach would be using one or more proteins or protein sources. Most popular here would be milk based, however if it is required to go vegan (only plant based materials) solutions tend to consist of multiple proteins or protein fractions, such as:

  • potato protein
  • soy protein
  • sunflower protein
  • bean proteins (nowadays several low taste varieties available)

They tend to be combined with vital wheat gluten or modified starches for some extra stabilisation during baking indulgent formulations.

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