Cost vs Quality

18 May 2022
Cost vs Quality | Bakery Academy

The biggest battle of bakers. Cost vs Quality.

It is the biggest battle of bakers. Cost vs Quality. What can we do to keep the quality high and still keep it affordable for manufactures and consumer. Can we have it both ways or do we have to choose between the one or the other. 

Cost reductions lead in many cases a search to cheaper ingredients. In most, but not all cases, cheaper ingredients narrow the bandwidth of your production processes forcing your team to increase their efforts of control. In several cases this will lead to an increase of fail cost, e.g. wastages: the money saved on procurement is then often lost in the production processes. Taking on an integrated approach to this might even result in higher procurement cost for raw materials, but the fail cost drop resulting often in lower cost and in some cases even lower labour costs.

Taking on an approach in which a focus on costs are made, a discussion frequently pops up is: what about the quality? We need to distinguish quality in a few ways:
1. Quality in the sense of taste, structure, texture
2. Quality in the sense of ingredients attributes (x% of chocolate or x% of butter, etc)
3. Quality in the sense of consistency

Depending on your market one or perhaps all can be important for you and your customers. So where to begin? Get in touch with our experts:

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