Challenge of the biscuits.

12 May 2021
Challenge of the biscuits | Bakery Academy

Taking baking to the next level. Baking it always looks so easy. But then you realize you have hundreds of raw materials to choose from just to bake a simple biscuit.

It can start with something as simple as flour or fat…. If you zoom in you will have multiple options or perhaps just one (but actually the wrong one). You might need to compensate some of its properties because products are too hard, too crumbly or even soft and chewy (when you don’t desire it to be). If we zoom in on sugar, we see that the finer the sugar crystal, the sweeter the product might seem, but also more tender. The coarser the sugar crystal the less sweet, but also harder they appear. So it can be a direction of compensating with sugar crystals and types to design the right texture and structure. In our courses we discuss these qualities and we would like to invite you to follow them in your own pace, on our academy.

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