Biscuits vs Crackers

7 July 2022
Biscuits vs Crackers | Bakery Academy

Crackers vs Biscuits

If we zoom in to the difference between cracker doughs an biscuit doughs, we see generically that crackers contain between 5-29 units of fat compared to 100 units of flour and biscuit doughs between 0 and 50 units of fat to 100 units of flour. In the same time sugar content for crackers is between 0 and 15 units to 100 units of flour and biscuits doughs can have between 11 and 85 units to 100 units of flour. So some biscuits and crackers can have similar proportions of fat and sugar compared to the 100 units of flour. But we would normally say that cracker are ‘poor’ and biscuits are ‘rich’ (in fat and sugar).

In the same light doughs that contain more fat (up to 115 units to 100 units flour) and sugar (up to 75 units to 100 units flour) tend to be softer and depending on the amount of liquids they find their way in wirecutting, depositing or extrusion; we tend to call these Cookies. However in many countries these definitions are being used interchangeably. 

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