Benefits and disadvantages of mixes

28 June 2022
Benefits and disadvantages of mixes | Bakery Academy

In the past only the large companies where able to even give you a tailored formulation/ recipe; nowadays it can already be done with lower volumes (as of 500-1000 kg). The lower the volume, the higher the cost will be as a tailored mix will have higher development cost as well as startup cost of the company creating the blend. 





Complete mix

+ easy

+ saves development work

+ nearly no knowhow required

+ consistency

-        Less unique

-        Bulk ingredients in mix




+ easy

+ little knowhow required

+ Cheaper than complete mix

+ opportunity to differentiate

+ Consistency

-        More expensive than concentrate




+ fault ratio compared to single ingredients are reduced

+ time saving

+ Cheaper without loss of quality

-        Require more development work

-        Requires more know-how/ control

By better sourcing power it can be cheaper than single ingredients

As Bakery Academy we are a firm believer of being in control of your own process and production, in this mixes can play an important role as long as the mix is ‘open’ and not closed as a ‘blackbox’: with a blackbox some functionalities can be unknown to us as developer and requires more insight to create a more stable production process.

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