An independent vision of one of our bakery experts can guide you through that phase where you just need that extra bit of support. For your staff, products and processes. Contact Bakery Academy for more information regarding this matter.

Your Bakery Consultant

We believe in continuously investing in being the best in your field, in creating more know-how and -why of bakery ingredients and bakery processes and aligning that with the revitalization of unique, often local products from regions all over the world.

Starting from the essential basics, with the local input and various local ingredients and their basic processes, our consultants find the best practical optimum for each product, taste and process for you. Either remotely from our Bakery Academy Application Centre in Winsum(NL), or onsite at your side where ever situated.

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Our Typical Bakery Experts Assignments

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Extending The Shelflife

Shelf life extension is an important part of the industrialised bakery. Identifying key components to avoid deterioration of your bakery product is the second nature of our work: we have published several articles on the topic.
As new insight and old and new ingredients processes are being investigated in our Bakery Academy Application Centre. Our consultant can provide you with practical advices on adapting internal (like bakery product formulation) and external (like production environment) factors in order to get closer to the shelf life you desire.

Cleaning Up The Label

Unfortunately there is throughout the world no clear definition on what clean labelling is. Some might want to look into reducing E-numbers, others would like to do just without preservatives or without palm and/ or non-hydrogenated fats. Nevertheless those change often imply a change of formulation, processes and sometimes a change in shelf life. The bakery consultant that will visit you can assist you in minimising change for the end product and guide you towards ingredients and practices that have been evaluated by us and found effective.

Setting Up The Bakery

Setting up an artisan, semi-industrial or industrial bakery is very challenging. Especially when it is the first time that you start at all or that you make huge steps in capacity or automation. As our bakery consultants have a lengthy experience in the bakery, some have even had their own industrial bakery, they know what it takes and what are the critical success factors for such a project.

They can guide you in the process of selecting the right processes with the products and your staff, in such a way that you will sure create the right means to compare your equipment offerings.
We don’t do any engineering work, but we know the right people that do.

Bakery Improvement

  Some bakers are running their bakery and bakery lines for years and years in the same manner, others have taken over a bakery or have a no idea where the high wastages come from or even more important how to solve them.

In those cases a bakery expert from Bakery Academy can provide you with the right tools to review your bakery.

Together we identify priorities and with that as an extra guidance we audit your bakery to identify where there is room for improvement.

Sometimes we already have direct tips and tricks for you on how to solve your issue, in other cases we need to discuss to create a project out of it.

Nice To Meet You!

Our Team



CEO / Senior Bakery Expert

- Implementing modern production lines
- Management food technology
- R&D
- Changing nutritional profile
- Gluten free / Vegan

- Biscuits
- Cakes
- Fillings
- Specialty breads



Senior Bakery Expert

- Production / Factory Management
- Artisan translating to industry standard
- Purchasing (materials and equipment)
- Factory visionair

- Wafers
- Cookies
- Puffpastry
- Cake




Senior Product Developer

- Patissier
- Allround Baker
- Ancient formulations

-All bread types



Bakery Expert

- Management & Logistics
- Allround artisan baker

-Macaron de Paris
-Yeasted laminated pastries



Junior Product Developer

- Shelf Life
- Macaron de Paris
- Bread



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