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We offer courses in every level of bakery technology, from Introduction to more Advanced. Most of our courses, given at location of your choice, are based on ingredients and processes. Training on the job, focusses specifically on your production line and its products.

Upcoming Bakery Course | 07 - 17 July 2020

This course will extend the knowledge of Cookies and Biscuits. The attendee will learn to understand the product matrixes and interactions and try to bring this into practice. Most of these courses are given in cooperation with ZDS.

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Have you ever witnessed the way a true craftsman judges his products? The product is being broken, the texture is being felt and looked at. Thereafter the nose goes in the product. As a final check-up is tasting the product. Then the craftsman can make a decision on what kind of ingredients there are used, and what he needs to improve. So that in the end he will be satisfied with the quality of his product.

It is the experience that we want to give our students. To use all your senses. And let yourself be led by the product in its processes and ingredients.

In our training programs, we start with a basic product. And from that base we build it with the subject of the course. Every day we start with the theory, so that we can put theory into practice that you have been taught earlier that day. At the end of the day we close with an evaluation, so that we have a good vision on what we have learned. For the following day we will refresh earlier lessons and continue building your knowledge.

A balanced approach of theory and practice, makes that you’ll leave with more experience and know-how & why to your bakery before you came to us.

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