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Bakery Courses & Bakery Training

We are frequently asked about our courses, short and longer term by various kinds of people: from the bakery business, supplying into the bakery business or wanting to enter or start something with baking. Next to that we also see that in our consulting practices that young food engineers or food technologist bear the practical skills to transform their sound theory base into good products and processes. We are therefore starting to offer our knowledge as a course form for those who are willing to develop themselves into their next level of baking. Bakery Academy is not a bakery school, however we do believe in continuous bakery education. We are therefore investigating if we can develop an online learning platform, in cooperation with partners, to fulfil that need in supporting your continuous bakery education as well.

Bakery Know-What

In these type of courses we focus on identifying what you want to make and what procedure you would need to follow to make it. These type of course have a very strong product and process approach, however in such a way that we combine theory and practice. At the end of the course you will leave with a set of standard skills for making the products you signed up for.
We give this courses often on-the-job with your employees who actually have to do the work. We either incorporate that as part of our bakery consulting services or do it separately as we have done for factories in:
– Germany
– Belgium

Bakery Know-How

Understanding processes and the influence of final product outcome and efficiency and efficacy is intended for those who have learned about their current products, but want to understand how they can either bring that to a next level of either quality or introduction of new products. We focus here on processes and the ingredients used, and are more intended for people in search of R&D Courses related to Bakery or Process Technologist in search of more in-depth knowledge on troubleshooting and improvement.
These courses we give tailored to the institute that require them, such as:
– Granotec, indepth training for the R&D teams; based in Chili, Peru, Equacdor, Argentina, Mexico
– AIBTM for several short courses; based in India
–; webinars available worldwide
– UBM’s Fi Reformulations series; based in Amsterdam
Also several specialised raw material manufacturers come for specific topics to us in order to make tailor made trainings.

Bakery Know-Why

When we want to educate ourselves we are often looking at the functionality of ingredients, processes in relation to their products. We would ask ourselves what would happen if we replace this ingredient by another, investigate the theory behind it and connect it to our practical side. In order to make this kind of journey in products, ingredients and processes one must be skilled and passionate about baking: their blood has become flour, sugar, fat, egg, etc.
These trajectories cannot be transferred by simple courses and have a more longterm perspective, either by following several courses combined with consultancy or a mentoring/ coaching situation. We work with coaching on various levels considering our experience:
– Business owners (fresh/ new to the bakery industry)
– R&D Managers
– Product developers
We predominantly work on the interactions of their day to day challenges:
– Selling ideas to marketing departments
– Checking ROI’s
– Product – Packaging – Shelflife interactions
– Product formulations – Interchanging Ingredients

Bakery School

Bakery Academy is not a school, however we do believe in continuous bakery education. We are therefore investigating if we can develop an online learning platform, in cooperation with partners, to fulfil that need.