Traditional bakery ingredients

10 January 2023
Traditional bakery ingredients | Bakery Academy

Traditional bakery ingredients

Flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Milk, Salt; can all be considered to be an ingredients that are:

A)      Recognisable

B)      Commonly known

C)      Kitchen cupboard ingredients

 Other ingredients, such as baking powder, baking soda are also common minor ingredients but do have an E-number. Sometimes a mechanical treated starch or flake is also present and can help a bit in binding; however in most bakery products we would add hydrocolloids or modified starches for stabilisation or preservatives and acidulants for preservation; they can have challenging names with ‘X’-es inside or definitely an E-number coming with it. 

If they are traditionally used in such a product that it might be accepted (such as pectin -also E-number- in a jam/ marmalade or jelly), but otherwise the consumer might not recognise it. Ofcourse in the past (and potentially still many) consumers don’t look at those details and couldn’t be botherered. The few that do, dictate here what direction it should go. 

Luckily for most bakery manufacturers ingredients suppliers are working on this, so long as enzymes (in essence proteins that catalyse certain reaction for which we use now E-numbers) are not yet forbidden or obligatory to declare and we start to understand more about alternatives means of binding (such as fibers or pregelatinized flours) we have some new ingredients in our toolkit to replace and come closer to declaration friendly label that could resemble ingredients from our kitchen cupboard.

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