Bakery Academy is an independent Dutch based consultancy firm working world wide and specialised in the bakery industry, specializing in Bakery Product Development, Process Optimisation and Ingredient Application Development. Home

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Bakery Academy is an independent Dutch based consultancy firm working world wide and specialised in the bakery industry. Our consultants have a broad expertise in bakery, business management and various bakery related processes and bring together about 120 years of experience. They do new bakery product development, bakery process improvement and advise in setting up new industrialised bakeries or redesign existing bakeries. With a large variety of clients in many different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

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What we do

Bakery Academy has its own facility of 400m2 full of ‘state of the art’ equipment that is combined with our own privately developed knowledge base. This allows us to unburden our customers of various (applied bakery) research and development topics, in the case when they don’t have the staff, are on unfamiliar terrain or just want a fresh pair of eyes to help them on their way. The testing facility allows the consultants of Bakery Academy to experiment and create their own applied knowledge as well.

This results in:
– bakery new product application development for ingredient manufacturers
– bakery new product development for industrial bakeries
– bakery training and courses

How we do

With their experience of owning industrial bakeries and working on high level management and R&D positions, the consultants of Bakery Academy know what triggers innovation processes and they understand their clients’ requests. This translates well to those briefings that clients give to us; where sometimes some minor, but important forgotten details can be filled in with the experience of Bakery Academy.
Bakery Academy offers programs which start in our own test bakery to find a new or improve an existing product. Our approach in our test bakery allows us to replicate as close as possible the production environment of our client.
Approved by the client, the program continues in client’s own facilities, to ensure successful implementations on his existing production lines. And, when implementing the new or improved products, Bakery Academy always look for solutions to gain the best optimum for product and process.

The Academy

As an Academy and to assure the same excellence in its services, today and in the future, Bakery Academy dedicates 10-20% of its time and resources to independent research and applications. Their recent research on the topic of gluten free breads, cakes and biscuits which are from taste and texture (more) equal to their normal wheat alternatives; they created a whole new chapter in their knowledge database. With this research and experiments on the unique functionalities within each ingredient and what to do for compensating, a more profound in-depth knowledge was gained of basic ingredient functionality. In this ongoing process, Bakery Academy continues to learn with relatively new available ingredients, either from (pseudo-)cereals, potatoes or bananas.


It leads to innovations which Bakery Academy is happy to pass on to her clients: bakery manufacturers as well as ingredient suppliers. Some of the recent innovations which Bakery Academy passed on:
– Protein Enriched Bread
– Clean Label Sugar based Fondant (icing)
– Clean Label Instant Custard (for either decorating or bakestable fillings)
– Chocolate and Hazelnut fillings
– Glutenfree Breads, Cakes and Biscuits
– Baked sportsbars (one partly wheat based and one free from wheat and refined sugars)


Our research and growing knowledge database on ingredients and processes enables Bakery Academy also to revitalise the production of unique (sometimes long forgotten), often local products from regions all over the world. With its process, starting from the essential basics, the local input and various local ingredients and their basic processes, Bakery Academy proved to be successful for her clients to find the best optimum for each product, taste and process.

In the name

And last but not least, it’s in our name: Bakery Academy. Everything Bakery Academy do, all our experience our clients need, is available for them. In various types of coaching, on the job or digital, tailor made (e-)learning programs, problem solving sessions with production managers, R&D officers, on the job or via internet or all desirable combinations. Courses for employees on client’s location or in the Bakery Academy test bakery in Winsum. Tailor made and for all levels. With possibilities where monthly reviews on improvements on site are combined with a more frequent, remote support. Bakery Academy: learning as an ongoing process.

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Operating internationally, based in Winsum, The Netherlands

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